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28 November 2024



Q4 2024 will see investors and policymakers focus on the sustainable use of natural capital as never before. Colombia will host COP16 CBD, where governments will share progress and map next steps on key elements of the Global Biodiversity Framework (GBF), including alignment of private finance flows. Azerbaijan will welcome COP29 delegates, where land use and food system sustainability will be central to cutting GHG emissions in the third round of nationally determined contributions to the Paris Agreement. In London, ESG Investor’s second annual Nature Data for Institutional Investors event will highlight the progress of asset owners and managers in leveraging science-led methodologies and innovative technologies to assess and manage their nature risks, impacts and dependencies.



Almost two years since the GBF was adopted in Montreal, it’s far from clear that the institutional investors are getting the policy signals or the data they need to develop nature-positive investment and stewardship strategies across their portfolios. 


To share best practice with peers, to understand the pace and direction of policy, and to assess the available tools and technologies, save the date today.


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Keynote Speakers

James d’Ath
Alicia Kedzierski


Gemma James
Max Boucher
Fiona Pedeboy
Steven Bullock
Miriam Benarey
Andrew Hodge
Tim Steinweg
Jeremy Eppel
Emine Isciel
Henning Stein
Peter van der Werf
John Willis
Lee Backhouse
Sue Armstrong-Brown
Graham Stock
Maria Nazarova-Doyle

Event Agenda - 23 November 2024

12:30 – 13:25

Event Open

Networking and Refreshments

13:25 – 13:30

Opening remarks

13:30 – 13:45 

Regulatory Keynote

Update on – and investor implications of – nature-related regulatory developments, including implementation of Global Biodiversity Framework’s goals and targets (esp around disclosure and finance alignment), the finalisation of the TNFD framework, the incorporation of nature into policy and regulatory mandates, and the extension of EU’s Green Taxonomy beyond climate.

Alicia Kedzierski
, Head of Department, ESG and D&I, Financial Conduct Authority

13:45 – 14:00 

Industry Keynote

Perspective from industry leader on the conceptual and resource challenges facing investors in incorporating nature-related inputs into decisions made throughout the investment lifecycle. The aim is to reflect the role data services have played in the development of sustainable investment strategies and management of ESG risks, and how the industry can contribute effectively to addressing the multi-layered and inter-dependent issues now facing investors, through broader collaborations and new innovations.

James d’Ath
, Data and Analytics Technical Lead, TNFD, Finance Sector Engagement Specialist, Global Canopy

14:00 – 14:50 

Panel 1: Understanding Nature Risks, Impacts and Dependencies

This first session will kick off by placing nature data in context of investors’ existing efforts to quantify and reduce climate risks in their portfolios, but then will quickly dive deeper into the similarities and differences of this new challenge, and how they have been accounted for in the TNFD framework. The session will also look at how existing partnerships, tools and resources have already been leveraged by investors, before exploring the roles (and risks) of new methodologies, technologies (from AI to satellite images) and collaborations. Topics to include:


  • A more multi-faceted task than counting GHG emissions
  • Challenges across geographies, sectors and asset classes
  • Leveraging and improving existing tools, frameworks methodologies
  • Capacity building; developing new skills and partnerships

Maria Nazarova-Doyle, Executive Director, Head of Sustainable Investment, IFM Investors

Steven Bullock, Managing Director, Global Head of Research & Methodology, S&P Global Sustainable1

Miriam Benarey, Associate Director, Sustainability & Stewardship, Impax AM

Gemma James, Head of Biodiversity & Nature, Chronos Sustainability


Moderated by:
Chris Hall, Editorial Director & Co-founder, ESG Investor

14:50 – 15:15

Case Study

Leading investor to highlight its work so far to integrate nature-related data into its investment processes, to identify the data challenges still outstanding, and to develop long-term partnerships with third-party providers. Areas of focus may include the steps taken to quantify nature risks, impacts and dependencies in portfolios (with reference to TNFD pilot project), the tools and processes used to do this, the data gaps identified, the plans to address these gaps, and the way the findings may influence investment decisions and engagements.


Lee Backhouse, Senior Responsible Investment Manager, Scottish Widows

15:15 – 15:40

Networking Break

15:40 – 16:30

Panel 2: Pastures New: Measuring Investors’ Footprint on Land

With deforestation being such a key driver of the climate crisis, many investors are already coming to terms with the challenges of tracking their risks, impacts and dependencies relating to key commodities, such as palm oil and soybeans. Monitoring complex supply chains for these is a complex enough task in its own right, but it is just one of several steps investors must take to understand their footprint on land. This session seeks to dig into the difficulties of obtaining accurate data on nature risks and opportunities, and incorporating them into investment decisions and engagement activity. Topics to include:


  • Deforestation: Tracing impact across the supply chain
  • Lifting the lid on measures of species abundance
  • Drivers of land use change in your portfolio
  • Accurate assessments of nature-positive investments

Peter van der Werf
, Head of Engagement, Robeco
Graham Stock
, Senior EM Sovereign Strategist, RBC BlueBay

Henning Stein, Finance Fellow, Cambridge Judge Business School

Fiona Pedaboy, Researcher, Global Canopy


Moderated by: 
Vibeka Mair, Senior Reporter, ESG Investor

16:30 – 16:55

Insider Perspective – Nature-based Stewardship

Disclosure of nature data is critical because it will inform the engagement and stewardship of institutional investors. In this session, stewardship experts highlight the current state of collaborative engagement with portfolio firms on nature risks and impacts, and explain how they will use emerging data flows to inform targets and expectations.

Emine Isciel, Head of Climate and Environment, Storebrand, and Board Member, NA100

Tim Steinweg, Head of Stewardship – Nature, Principles for Responsible Investment


Hosted by:
Aaran Fronda, Editor, ESG Investor

16:55 – 17:45

Panel 3 – Water Stress: Using Data for a Dive into the Deep 

This session focuses on some of the key ways in which investors can track and influence their impacts on SDGs 6 and 14, both positive and negative. Company disclosures and investor engagements on water-related risks have increased over the past five years, while policy measures are beginning to broaden and deepen in scope. But risks, impacts and dependencies can still lurk unexpectedly within portfolios. This session helps investors identify and quantify risks but also opportunities, while guarding against bluewashing. Topics to include:


  • Identifying investors’ water risks and impacts across sectors and geographies
  • How to place company-level data within location-specific context
  • Data needed to support company and policy engagement on water risk
  • The Blue Economy: measuring and monitoring positive and negative impacts

Sue Armstrong-Brown, Global Director, Environmental Standards and Thought Leadership, CDP
John Willis, Director of Research, Planet Tracker

Andrew Hodge, CEO, Aquascope

Max Boucher, Senior Research & Engagement Manager, Biodiversity & Oceans, FAIRR


Moderated by: 
Emmy Hawker, Reporter, ESG Investor

17:45 – 18:05

Fireside Chat: Next Steps to Delivering on the GBF

A leading voice at the nexus of science, policy and investment will share views on how institutional investors can support the nature preservation and restoration goals of the Global Biodiversity Framework.


Jeremy Eppel, Principal, NatureFinance

Hosted by:
Chris Hall, Editorial Director & Co-founder, ESG Investor

18:05 – 19:00

Networking & Cocktails

What to Expect

ESG Investor’s Nature Data for Institutional Investors event brings together investors and data & technology providers for a full-day event to improve understanding and integration of ESG risks and impacts in the investment process, with a particular emphasis on the nature and biodiversity: including:  

Keynotes & Case Studies

Panels & Presentations

Exhibition Hall

Keynotes and case studies from regulators and leading practitioners

Panel sessions & presentations on how investors should assess and measure nature and climate risks

Leading ratings & data providers exhibiting

Networking & Cocktails

Networking throughout the day including pre-event, lunch, and morning/afternoon sessions. A cocktail reception will finish the event in style.

Audience Feedback on Past Events

“The level of discussion was much more granular than most of the ESG events I have attended in the last few months. It was really insightful!” 
“It was definitely a very focused and punchy session and I look forward to more of these in the future.” 
“I thought it was a great event and really worthwhile, so I hope you repeat the experience.” 
“Thanks so much for the opportunity to join the excellent Stewardship Summit this afternoon.”  
“I really benefited from hearing everyone’s differing perspectives on this topic. Thanks for the invite – it was a really valuable event.” 
“I found it a very well-run event, with interesting panels and good quality discussion.” 

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